Indy Yogi

Create a mindful state.


About Indy Yogi

Indy Yogi was born in December 2014 to unite all the yoga studios in the Indianapolis area and to reach outwards to other yogis across all of Indiana. Indianapolis and the surrounding communities have a lively yoga culture and a fascinating history that touches the entire globe. Read our articles and you will discover how diverse yogis can be, and how much we all have in common. We are now branching out to other cities throughout Indiana. We welcome all Hoosier yoga enthusiasts to become a part of this growing community.

Mission Statement

The mission of Indy Yogi, is to unify the diverse yoga community throughout Indiana; to promote a mindful and conscientious lifestyle; to cultivate local arts, artists and those in the business of mindfulness; and to spread the physical and mental benefits of yoga to new audiences in Indiana and around the world.

Core Values

  • peace
  • compassion
  • cultural and ethnic diversity
  • responsible, ecological living
  • social and economic responsibility
  • physical, emotional and spiritual health

Our Vision

The transformative power of yoga and meditation will unite people from all walks of life, and as our mindful community grows yoga will no longer seem eccentric or exotic, but a practical part of the way we all live a physically, mentally and spiritually healthy lifestyle.
Indy Yogi has three main components:
  1. The Online Magazine (we don’t call it a blog): Yogis writing for yogis…and potential yogis. This gives studio owners and other experienced yogis a platform to talk about their events and workshops, discuss newsworthy topics, share the the various benefits of yoga, and discuss the unique culture that surrounds our yoga community (arts, food, etc). We can put Indiana on the world’s yoga map! If you are an experienced Hoosier yogi, or an expert in nutrition, fitness, or another topic related to the yoga lifestyle, consider writing an article (or 100) for Indy Yogi.
  2. The Indy Yoga Directory: This is a great resource for potential customers to find yoga-related businesses. We want all studios and independent instructors across Indiana to be listed in our directory. There is plenty of room for fitness centers (that have regular yoga classes) and retail stores that sell yoga clothing and gear. Submit your listing here.
  3. The Community Event Calendar: The calendar has a front-end submission form for studios and yogis to insert their upcoming events and workshops (NOT regular classes, that’s what MINDBODY is for). This includes dates, times, pricing, description, links to your website, and much more.
There will also be yoga events in the future, developed by Indy Yogi, partnering with instructors and studios, with the goal of community outreach. Some of these events will be developed to raise money for nonprofit organizations in Indiana. We want to teach more of Indiana’s population how yoga can benefit their mind, body and spirit.