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How Yoga Changed Me

How Yoga Changed Me: Jocelin Romero

It was December 29, 2005 at 3:00 in the morning.  I can remember the time, date and place, but the how, what, and why I have no memory of.  The how and what are what led me to unroll my first yoga mat. If those events had not happened I may not have gone down that path.  Even though I do believe that the universe has a way of giving

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How Yoga Changed Me: Michelle Finch

Glance at the recent covers of popular national yoga magazines, and you will see enticing claims that would suggest yoga as being the magic elixir to a happy life. Speak with many yoga instructors, and they will go on and on as to why your life will be better for giving yoga a go. Yoga is everywhere in the west, in gyms, studios, community centers, hospitals and even prisons. In all

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How Yoga Changed Me: Eileen Barbour

Samskaras are changes in your patterns of thinking. I first heard of Samskaras in a New Year’s Day warm vinyasa class. As a recovering alcoholic, New Year’s day was not always a good time for me. I was often trapped in the regretful prison of my mind. Remembering—or worse, not remembering—what happened the night before. Anxiety and regret permeated my mind and body. It was exhausting. I would pledge never to

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How Yoga Changed Me: Dr. Kimberly Martin

The first time I remember consciously using yoga poses as a way of moving through emotions was when I had received upsetting news that was beyond my control.  Not knowing what I should do next, I followed my body as it moved through a series of asanas.  Instead of fleeing in that moment, I dropped into my body and allowed myself to simultaneously feel and move through emotions. As the

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How Yoga Changed Me: Christie McNabb

For some reason I still don’t understand, I agreed to attend a hot yoga class on New Year’s Day, 2011. My first class, actually, unless you count a video or two. The night before, after a series of negative interactions with close people in my life, I decided to drown my sorrows and deep sense of rejection in a bottle of vodka. I danced in the street with no shoes

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