Indy Yogi

Create a mindful state.

Hold My Hand

Hold my hand and I’ll hold yours.
Side by side we’ll stand to face this Great Tsunami;
this great Gaping Wound that now gushes
of sickness
of blame
of blindness
into the light of day to be seen.
Into the light of day to be healed.

Hold my hand and I’ll hold yours.
Let’s agree to not pick up the rocks at our feet.
Hold my hand tight
when I want to throw rage back
and hurt those who hurt me.
Remind me that hatred doesn’t discriminate and it’s always hungry.

Hold my hand and I’ll hold yours.
Our strength will allow this Great Tsunami to
break against us
again and again
until it cries itself to sleep
empty and exhausted
ready to be soothed with lullabies of
the truth of Wholeness
the beauty of Diversity
it’s connection to Everything.

Hold my hand and I’ll hold yours.
Together we celebrate Humanity’s courage
expressed through vulnerability and humbleness.
We teach our children curiosity
the art of dialogue
and accountability;
that love requires bravery to see oneself in all beings.

We are strong enough to put the rock down.

The simplest peace offering is a great blessing upon the world.

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