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A Beginner’s Yoga Journal: Sun Salutation Day 4

There are lots of excuses to skip yoga practice, holiday or no holiday. I didn’t get enough sleep. It’s Christmas Eve. I have to wrap my children’s presents. I have a website (or two) to build. I have to wake up early. The dishes (and 20 other chores) need done. It’s Christmas Day. But you know what? I didn’t let that stop me from completing my 3rd day of sun

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A Beginner’s Yoga Journal: Sun Salutation Day 2

What happened to Day 1? That was yesterday. This is today. Yesterday, I was inspired to begin my own yoga practice. This inspiration came from my wife, Candice, owner of Indy Yogi. She wrote about her experience at Peace Through Yoga’s winter solstice celebration, where a large group of yogis packed into the Zionsville, Indiana yoga studio and completed 108 sun salutations. That’s a lot of sun salutations. I am

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No More Yoga Classes at Eagle Creek Park

Peace Through Yoga will host their very last yoga classes at the Peace Learning Center in Eagle Creek Park on New Year’s Eve. “The Last Hurrah” at Eagle Creek Park for Peace Through Yoga will feature three yoga classes in a row, taught by three experienced yoga instructors. A reception will follow, featuring live music and refreshments. See image for details. Many regulars of Eagle Creek who practice yoga will

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108 Sun Salutations on the Winter Solstice

Today is the day the Northern hemisphere begins its journey out of the dark and into the light. The Winter Solstice has been a reason people celebrate for thousands of years. This 2014 solstice has brought together 17 yogis, including four teachers, at Peace Through Yoga in Zionsville to practice 108 sun salutations to honor the day and reflect on what it means to each of us. Instructors Audrey McCann,

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