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Lily Kessler

The founder of Blooming Life, Lily Kessler, Ed.S, RYT-500 is fascinated by the facets of the ancient Yoga Lineage and wishes to preserve tenants of the Tradition as it rapidly grows in the West. Lily's book Story of Yoga: Humanity's Quest for Nourishment© is a rich and comprehensive homegrown yoga training curriculum unparalleled to other programs. Lily's philosophy is largely aligned with Dr. Sue Morter and the Morter Institute. Together, they have created 200-Hour Body Awake! Online Yoga Teacher Training. Additionally, Lily lead-teaches portions of this curriculum in her 200-hour Story + Art of Yoga Training. She has created the country's first certified Teen Yoga Training named Torchbearer of Tradition, and teaches her curriculum abroad in intensive programs and eco-luxury global retreats in India, Costa Rica, and Peru. Lily has received the name Sraddha - Faith - from Swami Hamsananda at the Satchidananda Ashram, and her life experiences are an expression of faith. Ultimately, she honors the Inner Teacher found within life's tornadoes, routines, and celebrations. Lily believes each moment is pregnant with grace; grace to claim vitality, a new perspective, and embrace a blooming life.


Lily Kessler
Blooming Life Yoga Studio + School
Founder, Ed.S, ERYT-500
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