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I have been a student at Tree House for almost 3 years. I started going around the time it first opened its doors. What drew me to Tree House was that it was unassuming. From the moment you walk in, you sensed the soul of the space, of the students around of you, and of the teachers. You could tell that this was a place where folks came to find “more” in life. Tree House supports each student on their journey in ways few places can- the studio natures the body and heart, the sanctuary nurtures the soul, and the teachers pay attention to students’ personal journeys. Whether your goals are to start yoga for the very first time, deepen an advanced practice, or discover new ways to open your heart through Reiki or energy coaching, you’ll find it here. You’ll also likely find, a new place that your heart calls home.

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A sanctuary for the soul!

I have two favorite yoga studios in town, each loved for its own reasons, but Tree House is the place that stirs my soul. It’s where I go when I need healing, comfort, or inspiration. Tree House attracts a particular tribe — mystics, seekers, thinkers, dreamers. Its teachers are thorough and properly trained, but their teaching goes far beyond the technical to deliver a holistic opportunity for the mind, body, and soul — from incorporating brief and accessible chants to laying on a firm and loving hand for adjustments during savasana to playing a bit of Alan Watts to remind us never to worry or be afraid — ever — because this is just a ride. Each Wednesday, special programs are presented from Gong Meditations with an experienced kundalini guru to Yin Yoga training or Reiki Initiation or monthly discussion groups for people interested in energy, soul, awakening and ascension. In the space below the studio, practitioners offer reiki, chakra balancing, access to an amethyst biomat and other healing services. A delicate whisper of palo santo always lingers in the air and gives this beautiful space an aura of sanctity. Having said all this, this is a laid-back, non-intimidating place appropriate for people anywhere on their journey. Folks here can be big goofballs and plenty of laughter goes on! I welcome all yogis to come and experience it for themselves. And say hi…I’m Allison and try to make it there at three 3 days a week!

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